Studying from Home

Studying from Home - student project

Studying from Home

Specific Experience
"Balancing life and productivity"

List A (simple objects to illustrate)
- iPad
- Utensils
- Timetable 
- Notebooks
- Speakers

List B (more abstract concepts to illustrate)
- Making time to study and rest
- Set up a space for studying
- Get ready, take a shower and change clothes
- Drink some coffee
- Go for a walk
- Track your time to stay productive


Final illustrations for Set 1

Studying from Home - image 1 - student project

Final illustrations for Set 2

Studying from Home - image 2 - student project


Really had a lot of fun going through the course and doing my first illustrations ever! I kinda struggle at first on how Photoshop works, but ultimately nothing you can't find online anyway, I'll later upload the entire process, for now I'm very exited to share these!

Any advise and comments are welcome!

Special thanks to Tom for so thoughtfully putting together this class!