Study Sheets and Crib Notes

Using text and lettering as design is appealing in various styles and conjurs up nostalgia  like old letters and newspapers; looks bold and graphic like black on white or white on balck typeface lettering; or soft and romantic with flowing fancy script in muted tones.

I've always loved writing as design itself and as much as I love reading, sometimes I really just like the way text just looks.

I also love interior design.

I also hate studying but love learning.

So, I came up with an idea for bed sheets with text on them. Okay...actually I was inspired years and years ago by bedding I saw for sale in a Garnet Hill catalog featuring sheets with a typed journal entry written in french enlarged onto a duvet cover.  Sadly Garnet Hill no longer carries these sheets. (seen on left.  The picture on the right shows very cool newspaper sheets I wish I could find but haven't ever been able to)

Study Sheets and Crib Notes - image 1 - student project

Anthropologie has or had something like it called Love Letters and I've found various other incarnations of text on bedding but so far I have yet to see my idea.

Study Sheets and Crib Notes - image 2 - student project

My idea:

Each duvet or sheet set becomes a study sheet that one can both read and sleep on. Each set can be a different subject or theme: Shakespere for example would be mini synopsis of a selection of plays. Considering it it Shakespere, the font and background color might reflect this- Old English writing? a sepia toned background?

Chemistry- picture the periodic table on pillowcases or the entire duvet or sheet is the periodic table!

Algebra/Geometry  - Formulas and shapes

History- US or World or both? a map? a timeline?

Admitedly, I get kinda "stuck" here.  I haven't fleshed out my actual design ideas and would love to get the help of someone who has actual graphic design skills to collaborate with me. terms of who to market to etc...I am thinking price point good for places like Target and Bed bath & Beyond. Back to school, dorm room set up time, twin, full and a few queen sizes as demographic that would buy these is probably high school up to 30 (maybe?) and how many under 30 year olds do you know who have King size beds?

And then...I mentioned Crib Notes too right? of course we would have a whole bunch of options for babies too!  shapes, colors, simple math, the alphabet, big music notes, animals...all done with the emphasis on looking educational - not just a sheet with a bunch of animals...there are tons of those.


the first and most obvious being the layout, the actual design of the text on the sheet. I am picturing a simplified version of theose laminated study sheets you can buy at Barnes & Noble for various subjects. Do I really need every word and full sentence to be legible? Meaning... can the design make the words run off the "page"? Or if a seam gets in the way is it bad? Not at all, I don't really expect people will use these as their study guides.  I have a genreal idea of how I want the sheets to look for a few subjects but is it worth it to start more than one subject with drastically different designs or do I start with a potential "best seller" and then branch out to other subjects? So yeah, I need a graphic designer who is market savvy.

This brings me to my next challenge: no money to pay such person. Is this where Kickstarter comes in? Also, how do I know if investing in my own idea is worth it?  What if no matter how cool I think this idea doesn't actually appeal to the mass market and sell?

I'm sure I have other challenges but those are my most obvious

I did some scoping around on the internet and supplier resources awhile back and found that to produce something like this, I need to buy a VERY large quanitity. I did find one company where I can send them a jpeg of an image and they put it on a duver cover (albeit a not so great quality fabric) but it would at least give me a physical sample to show people.