Study Abroad Trip to London

Hello Family and Friends,

I have just been accepted for an incredible experience through Michigan State University Study Abroad. This December I will be traveling to the United Kingdom to participate in a marketing and business program. I will be taking 3 credits in a marketing course and one credit of independent study. I’m currently attending MSU to get my bachelor’s degree in Advertising Management and Media with a minor in Public Relations. I need a marketing course to fulfill the requirement for my major, and this program allows me to achieve the credit while experiencing a culturally diverse, historically rich, and lively city.

As my family and relatives are well aware, I’ve been to several colleges, changed my major ample times, and I now at age 21 have a slight idea of what I want to do with my life ( At least I think lol). I’m in junior status at Michigan State, and I absolutely love this socially diverse and celebrated university. By receiving a quality education, I know I will have a responsibility of sharing my knowledge and positively impacting the world.

Here’s a little info about me. I have a great deal of hobbies and interests. I love writing stories and drawing. My favorite book is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I try to stay fit through yoga and dance classes. I am the owner of two wonderful German Shepherds, Brooklynn and Dallas. They like to wear bandanas and pretend they’re a dynamic duo. I’m an animal and earth lover. 

My favorite flower is the sunflower, because of its resilience and determination to keeping rising towards the sun. My summer job is working as a caregiver in an Alzheimer’s care facility.

I’ve created a GoFundMe in the hopes of raising money to contribute to the tuition and additional costs of my trip (airfare, books and class material, meals, and program fees). I understand that money is tight, and I don’t expect to raise the goal amount. I am just happy to use this as a way to share about my trip. I will be posting statuses and pictures throughout the program.

I’m beyond grateful for this education experience and life changing prospect. I am also blessed to have friends who've supported me and urged me to follow my dreams. I will also be very thankful if anyone can help me with my trip expenses.
Thanks for reading!



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