Studio Watercolor Palette

Studio Watercolor Palette - student project

With Denise's help, I was able to create my first ever professional working watercolor palette. My subject matter is typically fantasy illustration, character design, and concept art - lots of brights, lots of moody, lots of whimsy. I have my split primaries (from Denise's watercolor color theory class) on the upper left, within easy reach of my right hand, with my single pigment colors in vaguely rainbow order along the bottom, and multiple pigment or specialty colors in the top right. I just could not leave out my favorite fugitive, opera pink, but I did make it the hardest to reach so that I'm  less likely to gravitate towards it for paintings outside of my sketchbooks.


The palette is a plastic 24 well mijello, and I decorated the front with stickers from some local Austin Texas artists, and a favorite artist of mine - Samantha Mash.

Studio Watercolor Palette - image 1 - student projectStudio Watercolor Palette - image 2 - student projectStudio Watercolor Palette - image 3 - student project

Sarah Ferring
Fantasy Illustrator