Studio Snyder Case Study

Studio Snyder Case Study - student project

Hi Jeremy,


Thanks so much for this wonderful class! It’s really super helpful!

I’m super excited today because I’ve just posted my first project on Behance! :-) Honestly, I find it a bit scary to put my work out there but I hope that it looks good.


My Behance project: Studio Snyder Logo & Identity Design


It’s not for a real client, but it’s for the type of clients I would like to help. As my niche I chose to do logo and identity design for architects. Since it’s not a real client, I found it hard to write an introductory text so I didn’t do that but I did add text and message examples in the mockups. I hope it’s good like that?

I love to learn from your experience, so could you please let me know if there’s something that you think doesn’t work? Or what I could do to improve it?


Appreciate your help and feedback!


Mariko Barra
Logo & Identity Designer