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Cora Verhagen

Studio Neeltje, brand identity designer



Studio Neeltje pattern > In the forrest

I loved watching this Skillshare class and although I use Illustrator every day I finally learned the right way to make a pattern.

I love to doodle organic forms and I used some small sketches for the trees, leaves and the triangles. I actually did use live trace (sorry! :-) and adjusted the anchors a bit to make them smoother. After this I went on playing around with the illustrations and I drew the round shapes and the clouds/bushes to make nice fillings for the white spaces.

When I went to look how the pattern turned out it was a nice surprise that the triangles looked a bit like snow coming from the clouds.

It was real fun doing this. I design a lot of brand identities and this year I want to do more with patterns to give the identities more layering.

Thanks for your inspiring class Elizabeth! 


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