Studeo Name

Studeo Name - student project

Studeo is my own business/brand – I recognised an opportunity to create a business that helps design students and studios to build better brands.

Studeo is a design company with a focus on building memorable brands and promoting creativity in the everyday. Committed to helping business owners and tomorrow’s leaders to build a lasting legacy. Furthermore I empower ambitious designers to level-up their skills and become masters of their craft. Studeo's ultimate mission is to enable everyone to make a positive impact.

Seeing as I wanted to have a name that indicated that it was a design studio, whilst also alluding that I was focusing on helping design students through my work with creativity, I used the Word Combination technique to combine the words Studio and Students to form Studeo.


The name is applicable to all of my target audiences, as it is relevant to Business Owners, identifying the service offering of being a Design Agency. It also speaks to Design Students who want to learn alongside me to be able to craft memorable and strong brands.

Now share your business name thoughts and shortlist – I'd love to see what you come up with through the techniques described in this class!

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Ilya Lobanov
Creating brands that make impact