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Students in Aerospace

The Students in Aerospace initative is the first open network in aerospace dedicated to bridging the boundaries between cultures & industry to explore the ideas of tomorrow.

We believe in the power of sharing ideas and making a difference for aerospace students worldwide. We seek to offer a helping hand to students at the critical points in their early career - that is choosing their career path, deciding on their specialization and finding a fulfilling job. We seek to work with the industry to highlight opportunities for students to get engaged with their studies and get the most out of their experiences. The first step to create a greater awareness of what is happening around the world in the aerospace industry.

We are group of three friends who all studied aerospace engineering together at TU Delft looking for a way to serve the larger student body. We have launched our first version of the site beginning of this month and we are looking for ways to use analytics to determine our priorities for scaling up the business. 


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