StudentFueled - student project

One problem that millions of college students in the job or internship market face: You need relevant work experience, to get relevant work experience.

StudentFueled disrupts the traditional internship experience model.  Instead of working for six months at a huge firm, and pretty much getting coffee for your boss, StudentFueled allows a student, or group of students to work on a 4-6 week project for a local small business.

Students will work on marketing, online, design, branding, or social projects for the business that will create real results that they can show to a potential employer. In addition to this, small businesses will be able to complete projects that they would otherwise not have the funds, resources, or time to do.

I have validated the small business side with several student projects, however I am looking to use this Skillshare to gain traction with students, and perhaps build some virality into the product.