Student club logo!

I'm an illustration student wanted to submit an entry to a logo design contest at school.  The logo will be for the Sheridan Internation Student Association and following are the logo requirements:

  • Must have "SISA" on the logo
  • Limited to 2 colours
  • Must be resizeable to fit 0.75 to 1.25 inches (a badge pin size)

Here are my sketches:

I started off thinking of script types or other collegiate looking designs since it's for a school association.  I abandoned that in the end because I was neglecting the aims and purpose of SISA, which was to provide support and promote community and exchange between students of different backgrounds.  It was more important to focus a logo that was more approachable and eyecatching.

The logo will be shrunken down a lot so I was drawn to more simple geometric and abstract designs.  I also played around with a knot motif because I felt like it was a nice symbol for people coming together to build friendships and I like the abstract designs of knotwork.

In the end, I had too much trouble trying to make the knot idea work so I played around with speech bubbles instead. I also tried overlaying letters as a more indirect way of the interlocking idea I had with the knots.

My favourite sketch is the one pointed out.  I  just focused on making the type appealing to look at and also conveying the main points i wanted to get across: fun, approachability, togetherness (in a really indirect way through the overlapping). The letters are all lowercase and I will probably round out the terminals on the 'a'.

It's been really helpful looking at everyone else's projects and any feedback would be great! Thanks for looking :)


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