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I experimented this time with a couple of couple drawings. I wanted the challenge of having them relate in some fashion, with pose and expressions. The inking, I found, is very different in males and females. I also found that inking is causing me to rethink my drawing technique, it's so absolute -- no grey area ;P  Hope you're not tiring of the facial tattoos on the girl. It's a character I'm exploring.


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Did an ink treatment on this piece. I don't have a lot of experience with this so it took a lot of studying and experimenting to get it to my liking. A little of the under drawing is showing through which I rather liked, so I just left it.


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Some head studies using new Finch technology :)

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more from the course. The angles were really tough, so I went to Loomis, than photo ref to figure out what I was doing wrong. It was extra work, but I felt that I learned something from it.


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Thanks for the amazing class! Did everything step by step and learned a tremendous amount! I finished with a copy of yours. Of course I read your assignment after I finished this drawing, where you suggested diverging from  yours :)  I'll stretch out a bit on another one.