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"Student" Project

I've already uploaded images throughout the course for each section, so I'll just use this space to share some fashion sketches and doodles every so often. Found these in old files recently.

Fun with dresses. A couple of them served as the basis for sample dresses in my brand, Acrylicana®. Sadly, they weren't produced by the manufacturer.

I tend to use quick doodles vector figures as paper dolls. these were sketches for Apparel Dynasty and Acrylicana® advertisements in 2011 and 2012.

Additional doodle for some of the marketing of this class.

Student Challenge!
Consider this a sidequest in your journey. Either open this in the drawing program of your choosing and sketch out clothes, or print and doodle over (and scan/photo in and upload).
clothing silhouettes. I'll post some of my own next week. :)

If there's an issue with downloading, let me know, and I can e-mail it to you. :) 
- Mary


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