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Student Class Project Website Tour

Home Base - your WordPress Dashboard

1.) The Homepage of the site (no background)

1.b) Site Homepage w/ custom background

2.) Photo Gallery

3.) Blog Archive Page (2 examples)

Example 1

Example 2

4.) Sample Blog Main Page - Sharing Shortcodes on bottom are taught in the "Bonus Section" - and yes, sharing is sexy.

5.) Contact Page + Google Maps™ Shortcode


We learn how easy it is to insert and create shortcodes using the ShortCode Plugin we install in the "Bonus section" that gives you an easy dashboard for 1-click shortcode creation. 

See how easy it is!

6.) Shortcodes Overview - lots of them! 

Shortcodes really make your WordPress website stand out and look truly custom. 

Here are some examples of them in action. 

All of these are taught in the class in the "Bonus Section"

Text & Formatting Shortcodes

Tabs, Toggles, Accordion Shortcodes

Custom Gallery, Picture Frames, Scrolling Image Carousel Shortcode

Rows, Columns, Boxes Shortcode

Video Shortcodes




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