Stuck - student project

What a fun app! Although it's a simple did take time to familiarize myself with the "different way to draw and erase" compared to other drawing apps. There is no "cut and paste" which means you recreate/redraw each "stationery object" that isn't meant to move position, but that creates a fun, stop-motion type of effect. 

This is my 2nd version after I got comfortable with the app. A MUST TRY and tip I experienced... when you export your Looom .mp4, record only a couple cycles. I recorded too many cycles resulting in too large of a file for Photoshop to export as a gif.

 STUCK 1st try

Stuck - image 1 - student project


AND after more playing with the app...

Stuck - image 2 - student project



Stuck - image 3 - student project