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Stuck in a Book

In this class, I hope to learn a little about designing characters and get practice creating them. I've been feeling stuck in an art block, so I hope this will help me look at something new and learn some new skills. 


  • Shy
  • hopeful
  • determined
  • brave
  • kind


  • second child of 4
  • city girl
  • Victorian
  • influenced by books

I had a lot of fun really studying this character in a differrent way. I tried coloring a couple of different ways, but I feel like they all came out looking kind of the same. The left is a little bit blended, the middle is very blended, and the right is not blended at all. I have no technical art training, so I've learned from experience. I'm pleased with her face, but clothes are tricky! 

Please let me know any things that could be improved upon!


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