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Stubborn Press & Company Logo - student project

//* 3/21/2013: Initial Sketches Part 2  ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *//

Stubborn Press & Company Logo - image 1 - student project

This is where I'm at for now. I'm not sure about the square-ish treatment of stubborn because "stub" and "born" aren't very exciting when read separately. I wasn't born a stub. I like the two on the bottom, written out completely, but I'd like to find some examples of a ligatured (is that a word?) double B. (Anyone? Neil?)

I'm trying to figure out what to do with the last part of the name: "Press & Co." or "Press & Company" or "Press and Company" or "Press and Co." to make it fit nicely underneath "Stubborn" ... I really like the idea of small letters tucked up into big ones, but I don't want to go overboard with that. I may also add our tagline: "Hand-crafted Goods & Geekery" but that may end up too long.

Maybe I'm thinking too much. I'll sketch some more today at lunch and post what I come up with.

Please comment if you've got any links to sweet ligatures!

//* 3/16/2013: Initial Sketches Part 1  ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *//

While there are so many phrases (short and long) I'd like to try my hand at lettering, my husband and I are about to launch a letterpress printing + design business called Stubborn Press & Company.

I have worked on logos using various lovely typefaces, most of them with a hand-crafted feel, but none of them really resonate with me, none of them entirely feel "right," no matter how much I like the type. I really want to letter the logo myself ... so, well ... that's what I'll do in this class.

Here are my current sketches of the logo. I think I like slab serif and ampersands:

Stubborn Press & Company Logo - image 2 - student project

Some lettering & logos that inspire me to push what I've got further:

If you can't tell, both pretty scripty lettering and bold, slab lettering inspire me. I think the main character of our letterpress company is really summed up in the word "stubborn," and I already know that writing "stubborn" in a scripty style is, well, wimpy. At least, in my mind. So, something heavy and probably slab-like is in order for that, but the "press & company" is still up in the air in my mind.



I know!

I also like the slight arching of words in examples like this:

Please excuse my most likely poorly sourced Pins. I'm in the process of reorganizing my Pinterest, but it's a slow project.

I really like the idea of blending some of the letters together, too, like the R and the ampersand in this image, but that's perhaps for an abbreviated logo (avatar images, a stamp, etc.):

Okay, so, that's where I'm at. Time to break out some paper, ruler(s), and a pencil and get sketching, right? Right.

Tiffany Smith

Designer, Illustrator, Letterpress Printer