Structure a Scene: Legend

Structure a Scene: Legend - student project

Goal - Arthos and the other Knights of Altea are looking to defeat the goblins.

Conflict -The Knights ride into the first line of the goblins’ defense and start hacking away.

Disaster - The trolls rally the goblins and counter-charge the Knights.

Emotion - Panic and Fear

Thought - Can Arthos survive a battle with a single troll, let alone several others?

Decision - Arthos decides to put aside his fear, and charge into the oncoming horde alongside his friends and allies.
Action - He charges into battle, not holding back due to fear.

Arthos clenched the reigns of his horse Whirlwind tight as the knights were about to clash with the goblins. Time seemed to slow as Arthos produced his blade and held it towards the goblins arrayed against him. The goblins were hastily trying to prepare. Their lines were in disarray as they frantically tried to form their defense. The knights began to close in, the distance between the two forces growing smaller with every second.

Arthos took a deep breath, lowered his helmet visor, and urged Whirlwind onward. His fellow knights did the same.

The knights smashed into the goblin lines with ferocious speed. Whirlwind sent a goblin flying in the opposite direction. Arthos brought down his blade with a mighty swing upon one of the goblins to his right. The steel glided against the goblin’s skin as blood issued forth from the wound. The goblin crumpled to the ground immediately.

The goblin pike formation shattered, goblins began to flee in a panicked frenzy away from the knights. The remnants of dead goblins lay strewn about the green prairie. Many of the goblins fled away from the knights and their charge.

Looking to his left, Arthos saw a goblin with a jagged sword reach towards him. Arthos wheeled Whirlwind around to his left whilst swinging his own blade in an upward slice. Arthos’s sword cut a vertical line through the goblin’s torso. With a thud, its weapon fell to the ground. The goblin stumbled a while, then collapsed to the grass as blood issued from its wound.

Arthos looked up to see his comrades hacking away at the panicking goblins, who were even more disorganized now. Though the numbers of their foes was greater, the knights were making quick work of the goblins. Some of the knights were cleaving goblins three at a time with one swing. His friend, Sir Lucian, had just spit a goblin spearman upon his sword. Lucian withdrew his blade from his lifeless opponent and glanced upward to see Arthos.

“Keeping count, my friend?” Lucian said with a smile.

“Trying to keep up with you is enough of a challenge.” Arthos replied.

As they finished their quick exchange, the guttural roar of the trolls issued forth. Arthos’s eyes widened and the hairs on the back of his neck stood straight up. Lucian also noticed and began to call out to the Knights.

“Knights! Dismount and form ranks!” He bellowed.

Arthos and the other knights slid off of their mounts. Each sending their steed away from the battle.

Arthos turned his horse to face him and began to caress the bridge of Whirlwind’s nose. “I don’t need you getting hurt, boy.” With that, he smacked Whirlwind on the hindquarters and sent him off towards the hill behind them.

Arthos then moved to the line that was beginning to form. His comrades stood in brilliant fashion, their armor glinting in the sunlight with swords outstretched and shields at the ready. Standing alongside his brethren, Arthos took up the far left flank. Lucian then stood ahead of the line.

“Fellow Knights of Altea, these unsightly beasts think they can rob us of our history. I say we show them why it was the worst decision of their lives!” Yelled Lucian to his men.

In unison, steel-clad warriors bellowed their own roar of intimidation. All except Arthos.

The trolls had rallied the fleeing goblins, and began their trot towards the defensive line formed by Lucian and Arthos. Their massive feet shook the earth with each thunderous step they took. The goblins also uttered high-pitched yowls and obscenities that filled the air. The closer the trolls and goblins came, the more pronounced the din of their march became.

Arthos couldn’t help but feel short of breath as the trolls lumbered towards him. Sweat began to pour off of his brow and into his eyes and down the bridge of his nose. Arthos’s mind ran rampant with nervous thoughts. His chest tightened as anxiety overtook him. He was glad that the noise of trolls and goblins blocked out every other noise, as he feared someone might hear him shaking in his armor. Killing goblins was a simple task, even an untrained page could handle that, but a troll? Every man in this line has killed at least one troll, while Arthos had yet to even see one until today. What right did he have to stand amongst these brave knights? Men who had accomplished great deeds and quests that were more than able to handle this threat. Arthos couldn’t help but feel discouragement course through his mind alongside his fear.

Lucian took up a place in front of his men and turned to face them. “I know some of you may have never faced an enemy like this, but take heart, even the greatest of heroes are formed from the most inexperienced among us!” Lucian looked to the men up and down the line. Yet when his eyes fell upon Arthos, Lucian gave a reassuring nod. Arthos nodded in response, though he did it quickly as to not be too easily noticed by the others.

Lucian then turned to face the oncoming charge. “Knights of Altea, ready yourselves!” He said as he raised his sword.

Lucian’s speech gave Arthos hope. He shook with enthusiasm and fear at the same time. Now is not the time for cowardice, his friends were there and needed his help in this fight. It’s time to put aside fear and fight.

Lucian gestured with his sword towards the trolls and goblins. “Charge!” He bellowed.

The knights surged forth. Arthos shot towards the enemy force. Gripping his shield and sword even tighter, Arthos sprinted towards his foes. His muscles burned from the weight of his armor, yet still he pushed on. Now was the time to prove himself.