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Structural Spring: Spring Pattern Challenge/Final Pattern

Once I realized that we have an extra day, I decided to take advantage of it and tweak the things I didn't like about my pattern.


Repeat block.  I like the way the darker background shows the "misprint" offset.


Repeat.  I like this best at a larger scale, not sure how to represent that in this swatch.



Much happier with it than yesterday and having fun testing it on products, but I still need to learn those more complicated repeats.  This was a great two-week challenge, thank you!


Final pattern.


Repeat block.


Sample notebook.

I spent a lot of time trying to work out my pattern as I'd envisioned it -- loose little floral groupings in a random scatter, at a fairly large scale on the artboard -- and finally realized that I probably needed a different kind of repeat setup to make it work without having extremely obvious repeats.  In the end, I broke up my groups and went for a basic scatter pattern, but I I think the fact that I was rushed and frustrated shows in the outcome.  I enjoyed the challenge and definitely plan on learning how to get the look I want!


Initial vectors.  Using Inkpad was great, and it's definitely going to be part of my workflow now.  I like to work in black & white at this phase of design, just to see how my shapes are doing.  I still have some cleanup to do on the allium bulgarium, but I am holding off until I decide if it's going to be part of this pattern or not.  I am happy with how this is developing and I think I am on the right track for the kind of pattern I have in mind -- loose clusters or larger focal pieces with some white space -- but I have too many complicated botanicals and not enough filler pieces.  I'm going to start playing with layout and color and then see what else I want to add.


Pencils.  Drawing the hellebores was the best.  Discovered allium bulgaricum, which might not fit into this project but couldn't resist drawing them anyway.


I did not intend for this moodboard to be quite so coordinated, but when I went through the pins I'd collected for this project, it was clear that there's a pretty specific set of stuff catching my eye right now.  The vintage floral in the top L corner is my favorite thing on this whole board.  


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