Stronger than yesterday... Garnering a state of constant progression.

The plan for becoming more consistent.

Try a few steps for one full week, then add additional milestones based on my progress.

The  plan is to take smaller steps than i have in the past, working towards consistency. [They are really lifestyle changes more than end goals].
Each goal I will try to meet for a week straight.                                                                                                     I will add the new goals each week as I see progress, while continuing the previous goal. 

Thus at the end of my list, I will be doing much more of what I want consistently!

Some goals:

  • Wake up by every day 7:00
  • Take Multi-Vitamins every day 
  • Check pulse & pressure every day
  • Measure and record Weight every day/once a week?
  • Workout 3+ times per week
  • Eat correct portions
  • Workout multiple muscle groups
  • Eating more healthy foods

The end changes I want:
More energy/wakefulness
Eating Healthy
Losing 50 more lbs.


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