Stronger, Leaner

Got totally out of shape the last four years. Back surgery 4 years ago, shoulder and hand 3 years ago, MCL sprain with a little meniscal tear after that. Got tired of being out of shape, weak and tired. Started StrongLifts 5x5 less than four months ago. Have gone from 45 lb to 270 on squats so far, from 95 to 315 on the deadlift, 45 to 140 on the benchpress, 175 Pendlay row. Slow going on the overhead lifts, only at 90 so far. Much more energetic and I can feel the strength differece in many day to day activities.

Not too bad for a 48 year old guy who is about 50 lbs overweight. I lost 7 pounds and went down a pants size in those four months, but would really like to get to a decent weight for my height. Even accounting for muscle gain over the first year, I still have 30 or so lbs to lose.

The support from Fitocracy has been great - am up to level 21, lots of props, good advice when I've asked for it... Been a great motivator.

So, I guess my goal for the year would be to continue making gains in the weightlifting department while going down another 1-2 pants waist sizes. I think that a better marker for how I'm doing than jst weight data, as I hope to put on some muscle. I hope this project gives me just the motivation that I need.


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