Strong Anchor

I absolutely need to get in better shape. I love to be active and be outside and I also have a kid on the way which is a big motivation for me to get back into shape and be healthier because I want to be able to threaten my kid when he is 20 that I will beat him (jokingly) and still be able to accomplish this.

I named the project Strong Anchor because the anchor is a very symbolic thing in my life. For me it represents standing strong in the midst of great pull and pressure. It also stands for being very grounded and sure of things even if those things are only connected by what seems to be a rope or chain.

So I'm looking to recomp my body and add more muscle and lose a pants size or two. I love to climb and hike so I want to help condition my body for those things and just get healthier all together.

1/20/13 - I posted a while ago to the Fito group but I figured I would put it here as well. I'm looking to recomp my body. So build some muscle, lose body fat percentage and drop 1-2 pants sizes. I'm also looking to make climbing as much as a regular thing as possible so I need to concentrate on muscle groups that help in climbing. I already am adjusting my nutrition to include more fruits and vegatables and lean meats.


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