Strollocal - student project

I have many friends with young kids who are out-growing their baby products.  These budget-conscious parents are looking for value when purchasing the next thing for their kids, especially bigger-ticket items like cribs and strollers.  They also have many used baby goods that are still in good to great condition that they no longer need. 

The multi-billion-dollar baby products industry has a healthy supply-and-demand of used goods and knowledgeable resources behind them.  However, this secondary market is fragmented and there aren't useful ways of accessing this it while leveraging the experience of parents in the trending "connection-economy".

Strollocal is an online social marketplace for parents to buy and sell used strollers and other baby products in their local community.

It is much more than just a craigslist.  Most sites these days are.

It is visual.  It is social.  It is locally relevant.

Parents can visually list what they are selling and when those items will become available.  Other parents can announce what they are looking for and when they may be needing it.  Matching magic happens in cyberland, making it easier for parents to budget and plan.  Of course, parents can always browse or search. Compare.  Get value for your dollars and effort.

Discussions can happen online.  Thumbs-up or hearts can be issued.  He follows this thread, she follows that.  As well, local events/meetups can be held for parents to meet and get to know each other...perhaps to go for a stroll; perhaps to check-out each others stuff.  Whatever it may be, they can schedule it on Strollocal.

Strollocal baby products - find what you need when you need it from a community you can trust.