Gregory Warner

UI/UX designer, Worthwhile



Strive for Awesome poster

I wanted to do a fun, motivational promo poster for Worthwhile's development team. We're largely focused on Django and Python-based custom web development, software, and apps. In a meeting it came up that Django was named after Django Reinhardt, the amazing jazz guitarist (a personal favorite of mine). I thought, why not allow his thoughtful visage to gaze over the backs of our development team, and give them an icon of excellence to cheer them on every day?

So Reinhardt says, strive for awesome. Keep on, team.

I started trying a few different tools, but I wanted some loose, rough, brushy energy going on.

I tried a large, fat sharpie, a brush pen, and ultimately, a slightly damaged brush and india ink on paper. Scanned, edited curves in Photoshop, and placed over an image run through halftone mode.

For the final, I added a color shape layer, reversed the scanned type out and set the blending mode to lighten. I loosely selected some other bits, reversed them, and set them to multiply for the bottom text. Reversing the brush type also added a nice degree of translucency to the letters.


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