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Strive On With Diligence

:: Intro

FRCTL Apparel is a clothing line that stems from the idea of fractal geometry. A fractal is an infinite pattern, which repeats itself at every scale - from crystal growth to galaxy formations; they are found wherever we look. These lines, shapes and figures are the emblem of our artwork and design. 

:: Chaos, Infinite Growth And Self-Similarity

The idea of a fractal is particularly interesting because it represents order and chaos, all at once - as random as fractals appear, they are governed by mathematics. What may seem to be calm and serene on the surface becomes much more convoluted underneath. And the deeper these levels go the larger and more complex this system becomes, growing without boundaries.

Here comes the most interesting, and relevant fact to this class - fractals are self-similar: On any given scale the general pattern of the fractal is maintained. Self-similarity is strongly linked to authenticity.

These rare and complex properties deliver the original approach we take in our business. We plan to grow without boundaries of medium or mind. Regardless of the stature of the brand, it will remain faithful to its core values and image.

:: Logo

The FRCTL logo is a fractal itself — each branch of the "tree" is a small tree of its own, identical in shape to the original structure it came from. The reason the word "tree" above is in quotes is because our logo is easily identifiable as a tree, but that isn't its intention... By turning it upside-down similarites to many other structures arise: roots of a plant, the bronchi in our lungs or veins in our body. The possibilities are endless.

:: Work

:: Commandment

"Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence."
                                                                                      -The Buddah

Simply put: Everything surrounding us has an unpredictable nature. We must acknoweldge this and continue to work as hard and carefully as possible to achieve our goals.

This quote illustrates the importance of hard, dedicated work and a less common lesson: the notion that our success depends on our ability to deal with the unknown, the uncontrollable events that life will throw our way.


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