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Stripes Clothing: Made in prison, inspired by freedom

Stripes Clothing is a brand with a true story. Stripes Clothing started of silkscreenprinting t-shirts in Dutch prison two years ago. This with a twofold message: We believe that prisons shouldn't be just punishment centers but also focus on rehabilitation of prisoners during and after their sentence. By giving inmates an useful day activity we think the link with a normal life outside prison can better be preserved which increases the chances of reintegration after their sentence. Outside the walls we want to make every youngster aware of the fact they live in freedom.

After 6 months selling through our webshop ( we got alot of attention in The Netherlands and abroad and started selling to retailers.

Our collections' themes and clothing are inspired by a prison/freedom topic and prisonwear from the 1920's till now. Our third collection is based on the theme hard labour. Through hard labour, dedication and passion one can gain a master in their craft. Mastering a craft gives a certain freedom we want to let inmates feel within the walls. 

With our third drop in the making, we included two more prisons in Belgium and France. We also starting up a collaboration in an US prison, to produce for the US market. With these prisons we can now produce a full range of clothing from Cut & sew Zip hoodies, hoodies, prison-inspired workshirts to beanies and handmade 5 panels. We produce these items with high quality organic GOTS certified cotton. See below some photo's of our lookbook in of our third drop.


I took some pictures from the lookbook and included them here, I couldn't upload the PDF file which was stated in the Project requirements so I made a TUMBLR link to the full lookbook. Hope this will do:

* I like the handcrafted in custody labels alot!

** Our main slogan which represents the concept: Made in prison, inspired by freedom


We felt we had too much information for covering our full collection on one or two sheets. Instead we went for a full sheet for every item with some lookbook photo's in between in order to get the feeling across more. Here a selection of our Linesheet slides:

*The slides seem a little bit corrupted, apologies for that

Sales & Sourcing agenda

The first drop came out in August 2012, we only had some t-shirts by then and had little knowledge about the fashion cycles. Furthermore we wanted to act as an online entity. This changed with some request from retailers in the Netherlands that had heard about us through blogs. After the first retailers in the Netherlands, we noticed we could get alot more volume and decided to actively call retailers to get our name out. Our second drop came out in July 2013 with t-shirts only. From this drop on we noticed the importance of buying periods of retailers. You really should get in line otherwise no budget is available. We are still struggling with that because prison is not your ordinary factory in Asia.

We sold this drop reasonably, but decided that our next drop had to be in line with buyer windows. Next to that we focused on broadening our collection as it was never our ambition to stay a t-shirt brand. With including two prisons, this has succeeded. In January 2014 our above collection became available for retailers which will partly be delivered coming weeks. We've chosen for a transition collection with a collection suitable for SS2014 (for small retailers and our own online shop) and FW2014. The speed in which prison can produce was not fast enough to do two seasons this year. In August 2014 we will be in line with the buying windows and present the SS2015 to retailers then. See below our projected Sales & Sourcing agenda:

New website

With our new collection coming out in a few weeks, we will launch a new website as well. In the coming weeks we will take off to the prisons to shoot photos and film footage. This background information is very valuable for our concept. The new website will increase the communication of our concept in everyway, and makes it more personal and real. Inmates are working on these products with pride and we need to show that to our customers. Additional information on the story and concept will be the main focus on the new website. Here some snapshots from the renewed website (still under construction, not finished at all):

Home: Full screen pictures of prison workshops 

Shop page

* Product page: This page includes some detailed photo's and a full background story of the prison its made, and how it's made by inmates, step by step.

I really hope you can take a look at Stripes Clothing. We are still working on the balance between something different, aestethic wise, and having a challenging assignment for inmates. Our aim is to increase our aestethics with the skill of inmates in several prisons during time which is part of our concept as well. Stripes will evolve with the skill of inmates.

I would love to hear your feedback on our stuff!

Hope to speak to you some time in real life,

Best regards, Roy


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