Stretching, "Fingers, meet toes".

So I'm getting fitter, can run a bit, do 1 chinup, aiming for 20.  but in the last 20 years have not had the flexibility to touch my toes,nearly did once, but it involved a lot of pain and a bit of swearing.

So for now, my immediate goes is flexibility, stretching and more stretching and getting the motivation to just do it.  Oh I can go for a 20km run, no problem, do martial arts for 2 hours easy, spend 5 minutes stretching, bugger off..  and that my friends is the attitude that has to change...  Oh and the chin ups, more of those.

My plan and my goal is to aim for 4 times a day and 1 minute a piece

keep that up for a few weeks

increae the mid morning and afternoon sessions up by 30 second increments

try to make a habit.

also important!!!!  find quiet places where I wont be interrupted, important to me that I'm not asked "what are you doing? as I feel self consious doing it solo."


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