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Kourtney Zimmerman

Co-Art Director @ Otey White & Associates



Stretch, Leo, Stretch! -Update 1

UPDATE 10/15/13

It's been forever and a day since I've gotten a chance to upload anything, but the below is the lines brought into photoshop and cleaned up. I'm working on the digital portion still, but it will be coming soon. Any feedback is always appreciate. Thanks!

UPDATE 8/13/13

I've got the final sketch done, planning on inking and scanning it tomorrow! :) I've added a bit of drawn fur texture, but I'll play with them more in the final stage. Also, the pieces at the top are her toys - mice and fish with catnip in them (cloth toys) hair ties and treats!

UPDATE 8/2/13

I've decided on a simple sketch to work with (ew, lined paper. I know, I know): I'll be drawing (larger scale since this one is small), inking and adding details soon. Thanks for looking!

I've always been inspired by different cultural beliefs. Not just religious beliefs, but things of superstition, legends, and so on. The things that stick out strongly to me are pieces that depict personality and reasons of being. Recently, I've gotten a new tattoo of my Western Zodiac (I'm a Leo). I also have a tattoo of my Eastern Zodiac and a Celtic Tree of Life since my family is of Irish descent.  These are things about me that will never change so I'm comfortable enough to proudly wear them on my skin. 

Another love affair of my interest is my beautiful cat Alice. She is a Calico that my Fiancee picked up at the pound and has brought so much love (and cuteness) into our household. Her big curious eyes are always looking for something new to play with and she has a sweet nature towards people. It's always a new thing with her around.

So I've decided to use my recent tattoo and my cat for inspiration on this project. The link to my pinterest board is here:

I love abstract artwork and I've always been told that my artwork has a "childish feel" to it, so I'm sticking to my guns and going with an abstracted piece. Since these were just 30 second sketches, I didn't really put any details in them and there will be a background texture as well. I'm leaning more towards the one on top. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


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