Strength and Toning

I played high school football for four years before moving on to college. I was an offensive lineman, and as such was always trying to put on weight. The summer going into college I started dieting and running and lost a lot of weight, but looked almost sick due to the lack of muscle. During my time in college, my weight has always been bouncing between around 180 and 215lbs. I am holding right around 180 now, but I want to start to gain more strength and get "cut". I used the picture of former Rutgers football player Eric Legrand because he is an inspiration. He was paralyzed after a devastating hit, but he doesn't allow that to dictate his life and he's fighting to gain strength back. While I'm not recovering from a paralyzing hit, I see similarities in the idea of working and fighting for what you want while battling everything else around you.


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