Strength and Endurance

I mostly work out at home, but there are limitations to how much you can do with body weight and 10lb weights. Not many, though! But I have no where to do any kind of pull-training, and I will feel like a king if I can do pull-ups. Mostly, I want to be able to do pull ups before Emma (the girl on the left). She's my best friend, but I'd love to beat her at something!

I also want to run! I fully believe this will help me beat my asthma and result in fewer cases of me getting bronchitus.

I have joined a gym, and I'm going to start building my endurance by going to a cycling class tomorrow!

Here is my plan of action:

  1. Participate in at least one class at the gym every week
  2. Spend at least 20 minutes strength training (taking advantage of pull-up stations) at least once a week at the gym
  3. Try to rely less on food to regulate my mood
  4. Continue trying to eat as close to Primal as I can manage
  5. Continue doing one dailyhiit.com routine 5x per week


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