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Bryson Gibbons

Cityscape & Urban Exploration Photographer



Streets of Toronto

My name is Bryson Gibbons and I go by the name brxson, which is actually my nickname. I am an 18 year old photographer based out of Toronto and I feel that these images I captured display the broad spectrum of what you may find in the city.

1. Candid Portrait

I woke up at 5:00 AM to catch a ride into the city with my Dad who works construction down there. This shot was taken at 7:00 AM when the sun was still low in the sky and shone down through these two buildings to create an amazing line of sunlight. I waited for this business man to walk directly into the light and felt that the way he was looking and walking made the shot perfect to me.


2. Motion Blur

I saw this man jogging toward me from afar and thought of capturing his motion, so I quickly adjusted my settings realizing I still had my wide-angle lens on, but I took the shot anyways and I liked how it came out.


3. Look Up

This was my favourite day I have experienced in the city by far, as well as the day where some people discovered me through my "#fogtakeover" project. This shot was taken in the core of the Financial District where I find the buildings look amazing together. The fog is what I personally think topped it off because of how it covers the very tips of the buildings and creates an immense sort of feeling to it.


4. Night Shot

This shot was taken on top of a parking garage where I placed my camera on a ledge for a long exposure. I love this photo because of how much is going on. On the right side the road splits into 2 and cars are going both ways, I also like how there is 2 different levels of roads on the opposite side with cars moving as well. Another thing is the pit where the crane is, and how vibrant it is with the light it was giving off.


I appreciate anyone taking the time to look through my project, any and all critisicm and advice is welcomed and I hope you enjoyed. My instagram is @brxson.


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