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Mary Langer

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Streets of Maynard


My name is Mary Langer. I go by the name @visualdiva72 on Instagram. I am from Maynard, MA which is considered MetroWest from Boston. I decided not to go into Boston (tons of people shoot there) and find some people and places that really represent my town. It's a small blue collar mill town and people are down to earth. Of course, I was trying to do this course in the middle of Juno and blizzard after blizzard. It was definetly out of my comfort zone but once I started shooting I loved taking pictures of humans. I learned a lot and started up an old love, so thank you!


"I have lived in Massachusetts for years and never have seen anything like this." - Steve, Maynard resident, caught looking at the clouds, while snow pounded down on us.


This is downtown Maynard and one of the many pizza places.


This was one of the very few sunny days between storms. The look up shoot was challenging in a town where the highest building is only 5 storys tall. However, this building, The Clock Tower Mill, is the heart of the town which kept the town alive. Also a cool fact, this is where got it's beginings and was the main headquarters up to a year ago.


My night shot is a street portrait. This is the town's favorite coffee shop, Serendipity. I liked the lighting and the that the subject is turned towards the camera. I just wish I knew how to edit that light in the window--it's too strong.


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