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Streets of Chicago

Hello everyone so my friend and I decided to drive up to Chicago last night. Unfortunately my stay there was only for a couple hours, but I did get to capture some pictures of the city. I hope you guys enjoy!

Instagram: @guifengh_

Motion blur at the subway in Chicago. I like how it looks like a person is looking at me taking the shot.


Saw the clouds among these two buildings and thought it was a cool idea for a lookup shot.


Here is a candid portarit of the people in Chicago. It was starting to rain and the umbrella they were holding really captured my attention.


Not the best nightshot but its the only one I got while I was there. This is the bean taken almost near daytime. We arrived at Chicago while it was still midnight and the sun was starting to rise up so I took a short long exposure of the bean since it was our first stop.



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