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Streets and back roads of California

In California we have everything from streets, to dirt trails, to waterways to get around in the city. Here I will share some of the various sights that I have seen. I grew up Inland about 1 hour away from Downtown Los Angeles. But I travel throughout the local area. 

3 Photos
Here are three photos that represent the type of work that I do. 

California Snowman
I grew up in the "Inland Empire" which was mostly mountains, ranches, and orange farms. While on a hike a few blocks away from homes in Redlands I built this and shot it. It is named to fit the recent drough in California.


Suicide Bridge
Colorado Bridge in Pasadena, CA has had a very long history of suicides, earning the nickname "suicide bridge". It is part of my 4 year investigation into suicide and depression. This was on a gloomy day, which i thought went well for the theme. I picked this specific picture because of the vehicle, this is a very expensive SUV, and often many people end up in depression because of financial issues. So this was another reminder of "you are not good enough."


Wells Fargo
I love to shoot architecture. Especially around dusk and at night. 


Collection of 5

I followed a path of what graffiti writers would see on their trip. Originally i had 4 in the set. But all the audiences that I have had for it have requested more, so here is a preview of the 8 that I will display next time. 

I found it to reflect much of what we all do in our own lives. I will not add descriptions because I want to see how you all interpret this set. 

Beware of Dog?









Order cards

I ordered 100. I wanted to brand myself as an industrial photographer since I have more experience in that area, and there is more potential for me along with less competition.



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