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SGS stands for Street Genius Society, a burgeoning hip hop clique looking to make a logo for apparel and various promotional pieces apparel to attach to the music and brand the group.

The name can be broken down into 3 parts: 

-       Street: What raised us, what created us and ultimately what the music and the brand is for. The principles of the street are engrained in our identity.

-       Genius: Our greatest differentiator. The Streets have constantly claimed lives and consumed souls in negativity. We’ve stayed out of trouble and moving towards greatness because deep down we believe everyone has some sort of genius. That’s the idea of the Golden Brain. Finding that genius in yourself and fostering.

-       Society: Defined as an “organized group of persons associated for benevolent purposes” this word defines us as a group and our air of posititvity, looking only for positivity

The music will have a symbiotic relationship with the clothing, with designs being linked to individual projects and marquee lines in songs released.

What we need to do is BRAND ourselves and joining this class I hope to get some educated feedback on our logo, below, and slogan, above. And disregard syndicate, we've been in between names and settled on Society. 


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