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Kerem Nasipoglu




Street view



I am Istanbul based street photographer who decided to dive into Photoshop. When I first started this photoshop class, a street view idea popped up in my mind, so as a project I decided to create this street view which improved and became this result while I was working on it. 

I created 3 main layer groups while working on this project: 

1) the buildings on the left side

2) the park

3) the cityscape background.  

To be honest the hardest part wat the 1st layer which I worked a lot to improve the details. 


I created a few lines in order to get the perspective, however, later on I learned that there is a tool for that inside photoshop. First I finished the buildings then worked on the details like doors and windows. 


To be honest, I finished the cityscape background last, because that idea popped up in  my mind later. 

For trees I mostly used the brush tool, and copied all those layers in order to give that look.

I hope you'll enjoy my project. 

Looking forward to hear your feedback.


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