Street photography

Hi and thank you for the opportunity for sharing!
I do photography for about a year and i don't know in which direction should  go. Or if i should choose a direction or just doing this what i like. I upload 4 because most of my Photos are very different and it is hard to choose.

Thank you for the time and this class!
Plamen Kalendzhiev
Thun Switzerland

 P 1 3 pesson go in one direction . Each one have a different  amount of light. i like the linies from the stairs and the bridge above.  

 P 2 Colors and reflection. i don't like the chaos from cars. 

 P 3 Bern big confetti party for the kids. A few seconds before they attack me.

i like this situation.

P 4 Old lady with her dog. i like the kombination schues, skin, dog and the movement.  
Street photography - image 1 - student projectStreet photography - image 2 - student projectStreet photography - image 3 - student projectStreet photography - image 4 - student project