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Street photography in Heidelberg, Germany

I met this group of man the other day in Wuerzburg by coincidence. They were sitting at the table next to us and looked mostly harmless with the original colors and light. My goal was to find out whether I manage to make them a bit less harmless, the scene a bit more meaningful, a bit more conspirative, a bit like those scenes of those early black and white Jim Jarmusch movies, or like Chicago in the early 1920ties :)) actually cigarette smoke seems to be missing... But well :)

This picture taking from the ground in direction of the sky looks for me somehow like being taken out of a movie like 'the matrix'. Pretty industrial, technical, symmetrical but also confusing. 

That picture was taken at the railway station late at night. There is this contrast on motion (fast/continuous versus standing still/being separated), material (the train looks like plastic, the man like a plastic) and might be a bit on emotional level. 

Those to man look like they had been sitting together but separated for quite a while already, running out of words already long ago. Not alone but lonely. I like the highlights on their heads and shoulders very much.


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