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Street in eGo's eye.

Hello everyone, before we go straight to my project photos, I would like to introduce myself first.

My name is Muhammad Azizul a.k.a eGo. I am into photography since I am 13 years old and now I am already 19. However, I only start to do it seriously only from the past few months. Before this it was just pressing the shutter.

Done the ranting part, below here are my project photos taken from my recent wandering through my city(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).


1. Street Candid Potrait: From my perspective, taking candid photo is about telling the story of the subject in a way of capturing along their soul and freezing it into the picture. This old chinese lady here is really taking her time praying to the God she believed in.


2. Motion: For this photo, it was taken in the morning just after the sun rise above the horizon. I was a bit lucky to be able to capture this because I didn’t really notice the train until it passed me. Thanks god the train is a bit slow because it was just departing and I already had the settings and framing ready.


3. Building Look Up: It was nearly evening when I shot this photo. Walking around the city is surely tiring and I actually decided to get some rest inside some shopping mall as I was walking through this alley. The moment I look up to see part of the architecture I know I should try to frame this up. Boom!! Here it goes.


4. Night shots: The sky is getting dark and I am still wandering near the road. Cars by cars moving pass me very fast. I decided to capture this one because the orange colour which is beautiful and popping for me.

Instagram: @azizulsyaiful

That is all four photograph captured for this project.

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