Ilze Briede (Kavi)

digital media artist



Street_Style, my first typeface.

Firstly, I really enjoyed this class, thank you!

I started this project straight in Illustrator and wanted to freestyle font shapes with a pen tool. I used to practice many years ago different letterforms with a thick marker pen in my notepad for possible wall tagging (which i never did) so I decided to bring back some of those pinned down techniques and recreated them with a pen tool.


My approach was to create simple yet raw letters with sharp angles and less interruptions, for example letters "A", "B" "R" and few others was pen drawn with a single line. I also did add some orange half moon accents behind the letters to add more weight and thickness to it.

As I was following a tutorial, in order to prepare it for export from Illustrator into Glyps you should have expanded letters from Type into vector shapes and then combine all paths into one single peace. That resulted loosing orange accents and blending it all to black single vector shape. Eventhough I lost the previous intention to have dual colour I really liked the unexpected result and proceeded with finalising font for later stages.


The rest of the process went fluent and I managed to format my type in Glyps with no problems. I exported it and created few promotional posters in Photoshop:



Few after thoughts:

1) I called it Street Style due to the original idea to borrow my early practiced designs meant for street tagging. The conclusion is that the vector shapes developed far from the original idea and didn't remind me of the "tagging" style lettering, instead it became something else which doesnt bear the meaning of the title any more.

I even tried to incoorporate it with my personal photography as a background image referencing streets and a night life (long exposure shot of traffic lights and cars) and I feel that font clashes with it.

Is it because I didnt spend more time experimenting on the paper prior to jumping into Illustrator? Or is it also due to unexpected turn after combining them and initially creating a totally new typeface which didnt serve the original brief? How could I turned it into a better outcome?

2) In next attempt I tried to take this type out of the concept of the Street_Style and try it on more subtle simple background, here is the result:




My questions are:

- Why did I get a "crossed box" when I pressed a spacebar and wanted to create a space between words? You can see them in all posters, I left them in purposely. Is it something I didnt define in the exporting process or I accidently deleted a "space" character in Glyphs?

- Should you stay loyal to the original idea and try to modify your typography to suit it? Is experimentation good good which always leads to new unexpected outcomes, how to use it for the brief and when to scrap it? How do designers stay loyal to their ideas and when is the right time for wondering off and experimenting by staying in line with the brief ideas?

Thank you for this tutorial, I have learnt a great deal about the whole process of making fonts from scrath and preparing them for import into your Font Library, something I never knew before. I would be very thankful for any feedback from anyone and some designer advice on style and usage of this newly created font of mine.




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