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Street-Life Fashion


Hello! My name is Luis Guerrero. I’d like to present my nighttime fashion look book as my final project.


For the mood I picked “Street-life Fashion”. Cars, people walking, and people just expressing the way they dress/style, but not dressed up or casual just streetwear. I picked this because I really enjoy people out the streets expressing their way of dressing & standing out. For the inspiration I got pictures of people in the streets killing it with their own style. They’ll stand out because they will be showing who they are and how they stand out in terms of fashion. The setting for the pictures will be took in downtown because I think it makes the pictures look nice for the background. The models will be posing alike with the pictures I have shown in the inspirational board. It should show that I and the models were just expressing ourselves with the way we dress. The feel for the mood will be a cold fall day. The sounds to be expected are passing by cars, busses, and sounds of the outside wind.

Inspirational photos for the pictures. I call it "In the streets".



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