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Street Kitten

Short bio:

I am a twin who is the complete opposite of my younger sister- shy, quiet, artistic, school focused, tomboy tendencies. Growing up, my mother has always made us wear similar or the same outfits. It was annoying and I rarely liked what she picked out since I was not girly. My interest in fashion began in Lakeland, FL about 1998. I found a PBS documentary on a fashion designer (I forgot who). That same day I started drawing clothes as a hobby and an outlet for my desire to "have" my own clothes.

 Fast forward to the pat 8 years or so-I stuck with fashion on and off. I eventlually made my decision to pursue it in my senior year in high school. I graduated with only an AS from IADT in 2006 due to their faculty and financial issues. Various life choices have caused me to push my desires aside, however I continue to draw and design collections. I am at the point in my life where I should either pursue it or pack it up. Joining this class is an obvious guess of what I have chosen to do. Financially I will not be able to participate in the contest, but this class alone has helped me define myself. I learned alot about apparel production while in school and and will puruse cut-and-sewn apparel as best as I can.

Goal: I aim to provide consumers with creative fashions. I desire cut-and-sewn garments and re-define basic apparel with complicated cuts and eye-catching fabric combinations. I desire to collaborate with various visual artists to create unique collections.

Biggest influences: Asian culture- Japan/Korean street fashion, anime/manga, street art/wear, punk/rock culture, sci-fi/futurism, sneakers and heels, city life.

Company name: Street Kitten   Slogan: Bringing the catwalk to the streets.

Motto: We are a brand that strives to create apparel beyond trends by celebrating creativity.

Icon: derived from the Japanese paper craft origami and is the cat, Japanese kanji for "Street Kitten". Kanji will be revied prior to printing.

Style Guide

*Forgive any poor quality. My PS does not want to open any Ai files. These are ALL screenshots.*

Target market: Our ideal customer is not limited by age but is determined by their loves and hobbies. Yes she could be 17-35 years old. She doesn't walk down one catwalk, but several. She could be in the mood for heels by day, and sneakers by night. She may have an appreciation for asian asthetics and city culture. She wants excentric and creative clothing without paying high-end prices. She's not a trend-hater but will not go out of her way to look like everyone else.

She doens't have one set style due to her love of sneakers and heels. Punk rock and street culture can be found in her wardrobe. She can mixe up her look by shopping retailers like Forever 21, Karmaloop, Macys, H&M, TOPSHOP, Nasty Gal. She likes and shops from brands like Betsey Johnson, Creative Recreation, Supra, Hellz Bellz, Vans,LAMB, Civil, Crooks and Castles, Rothco, Nike.

A preferred celebrity customer would be someone like Rihanna, 2NE1, Girls Generation, Alicia Keys,  Niki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Katty Perry, Fans of these celebrities may also be familiar with Kpop boy groups such as Big Bang/G Dragon.


I only have old sketches at the moment with the old logo. A few changes have been made but this is pretty much what one of the collections will look like. This group is inspired by city elemets such as concrete, high rises and water. It has a strong tomboy look.

These are flats of a few of the garments. Drawings like these are part of line-sheets. They can be presented to a prospective retailer. I'm obviously still working on them, but it gives you a general idea of how the clothing will look.


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