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Street Art to Feet Art - Update 3/10

Prior to Bucketfeet meeting with PoP. They worked on a business plan that involved famous street artist that would be commissioned to create projects in major markets in the US, drawing inspiration from various countries that gain assistance from PoP. After the street art projects are complete, Bucketfeet staffers agreed to ramp up production and get a shoes out to the public that depicts that same street art. With a heigh level of dedication and execution, Bucketfeet will hope to put some “sole” into raising one million dollars to provide education to more than 40,000 children.  Those who are part of the experience will not only be evangelists for Bucketfeet, but evangelists for PoP. "The Street Art to Feet Art Project" will be a web series that will document the whole process from conception to completion. 

Target: 18 - 34

How Millenials interact w/non-profits

  • 78% of young adults care about improving education (via Simon Mainwaring)
  • 56% of young adults would consider themselves to be activist
  • 58% of young adults who donate make donations more than $100 (via The Mellenial Impact Report
  • U.S. Millenials are receptive to cause marketing and are more likley than non-Millenials to purchase items associated with a particular cause (37% vs 30%) (via The Boston Consulting Group

How Millenials shop

  • U.S. Millenials prefer enviroments that enhance their shopping experiences 
  • Brands would benefit from group shopping experiences
  • In-store events, social forums and social media will also benefit brands

Connections between art and fashion

  • "Anyone who puts all of themselves into their work is an artist in some way. I dont care if you are drawing, surfing or hemming a pair of pants. There's an art for to all of it." - Brian Rea
  • (via FillerMagazine)
  • Reebok Affili'Art Collection - Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Ryan McGinnis

Phase 1: Weeks 1 - 10 (Planning)

During the first few weeks of Phase 1, Bucketfeet and PoP will meet to finalize the inspiration for the artwork that will be used from the selected countries (Ghana, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Laos). From there, Bucketfeet will then source its extensive network of artist to find some serious and influential street artist. With careful planning they found the artists that will work well with this inspiration in major markets. " The Street Art to Feet Art Project" (web series) will start off with the art direction conversations with the following artist:

Phase 2: Weeks 11 - 17 (Street Art to Feet Art Festival/Pre-Launch)

The street art festival will be a party of sorts. There will be local DJ’s who will put together soundtracks and mixes with inspiration from the sounds of the country that the inspiration is drawn from. The main act will of course be the artist. The community can assist in decorating the walls with whatever they want, all that is asked of them is a $25 donation (But not necessary).

The artists journey will be a key part of The Street Art to Feet Art Project - See a video of LRG at Art Basel Miami

Product Line Completion

Shoe production will start the day of the street festival. With the blank cold brick wall turned colorful palette of promises, the Bucketfeet team will have less than 10 weeks to get a shoe on the shelves. 

The week following the festival, they weill come up with 5 shoe designs per country. They then will presented the 20 designs to PoP to allow them to finish up the creative process. 

With the designs picked, the shoes should be ready for production

Web Series

Following The Street Art to Feet Art festival, the web series  will really go into full swing. All shows will include links to direct fans/customers to Bucketfeets PoP donation page. There will also be an app created to see behind the scenes footage to The Street Art to Feet Art project. 

Here is an editorial calendar of the content for this phase:

  • Week 11 - Part 1 of 2 of PoP and Bucketfeet on planning The Street Art to Feet Art festival
  • Week 12 - Part 2 of 2 PoP of and Bucketfeet on planning The Street Art to Feet Art festival
  • Week 13 - New York’s festival, teaser of the Guatemala shoe
  • Week 14 - LA’s festival, teaser of the Nicaragua shoe
  • Week 15 - San Francisco’s festival, teaser of the Laos shoe
  • Week 16 - Chicago’s festival, teaser of the Ghana shoe
  • Week 17 - The design process of the shoes and interview (Similar to Sneakers N Stuff x Reebok or Ronnie Fieg Nexus project for Sabego)

Phase 3: Weeks 18 - 25 (Shoe launch and project recap)

The Street Art to Feet Art shoes will have a release party at the following locations on Week 18. The web series will wrap up with the release parties (See Bucketfeet Holiday Colors Release Party). 

Chicago - Leaders 1354 

672 N Wells St.  Chicago, IL 60654 

New YorkKith Brooklyn

233 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217 

San Francisco -The Darkside Initiative

1827 Powell St San Francisco, CA 94133 

Los AngelesKicks Sole Provider

171 Barrington Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90049 

On week 19 the shoes will finally release online and to retailers around the world that have Bucketfeet in stock. Sales and project expenses will be tracked along the way. 

At the price point of $100 and with the $250,000 seed money, Bucketfeet should turn a 1.1 million dollar profit at the end of the project. That will be enough to send 44,000 kids to school spread throughout Ghana, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Laos.                Fisticuffs

Shoe: Fisticuffs, designed in Odense Denmark by Christian Andersen      

Updated 3/10/2013


Top 3

-PoP and Bucketfeet turn Streetart into Feetart- 

Logline: PoP partners with Bucketfeet to host a street art festival as inspiration for their artist designed footwear.

  • Phase 1: PoP and Bucketfeet host a street art festival in 4 major markets NY, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco. The merged entities will commission some artists they have worked with in the past to produce public installations with a little help from the public. A small part of the installation will have community involvement. For members of the community to get involved a $25 donation. The art direction for the main artist will have inspiration from a country that benefits from PoP. With the $25 donation the any member of the public can paint their rendition of one child (representing a child that will be going to school off of that $25) The festivals will land on separate weekends. 
  • Phase 2: Bucketfeet will begin to promote their partnership and fundraising initiatives on their website. Website visitors will have the option to watch a video with the founder of Bucketfeet and PoP together talking about the cause and directing them to the link and informing them about an upcoming web series. The web series will be used to launch the shoe as each video will do the following: do a time-lapse of the streetart, showcase patrons having fun painting the walls, design direction and inspiration for the shoe that will be released for said country, launch party dates in respective cities and release dates of the shoe. ,
  • Phase 3: The shoes will release exclusively at stores near the location of the street festivals. With a release party streamed live as a finale of the web-series. The shoes will then go online a week later to release to the world.

-Poses for Promises-

Logline: Help Lululemon send 40,000 kids to schools while working on your Downward Dog during our Poses for Promises month.

  • Phase 1: PoP will partner with Lululemon and Inspired Giving to promote “Poses for Promises”. Luluemon locations will promote a month long campaign for “Poses for Promises”  asking patrons to donate an extra $2.50 to go towards PoP. They will also be invited to attend a fundraiser at the end of the month for PoP.  (The incentives for stores to push this would be to offer Eco-Toursim vacations to the store that raises the most money) 
  • Phase 2:  The “Pose for Promises” fundraiser on that last Saturday of the month will cost $25 where all of the proceeds go towards PoP. Each attendee will be entered into a raffle to win an Eco-Tourism trip. They will be told to follow Lululemon’s Facebook Page to find out if they are a winner. 
  • Phase 3: Lululemon will announce who the winner is two weeks after the fundraise via a live webcast featuring their CEO. She will then go on to explain another way to earn that trip which is for fans/customers to launch their own fundraisers. Anyone who enters and raises at least $100 gets 25% off of their next purchase. The person that raises the most in three months will also win an Eco-Toursim trip. 

-A Meal for a Promise-

Logline: PoP innovates the food industry while sending kids to school for the first time. 

  • Phase 1: Partner with Culinary institutes of America to challenge Restaurants across America to collectively raise 1 million dollars. They will commission a few restaurants to host “Meals for a Promise Day”  at restaurants in cities across the country. This “Meals for a Promise Day” will fall on Valentines Day in which it will suggest donations from patrons to go to PoP. Each patron will be informed of a benefit at the end of each month with the dish price proceeds going towards the goal of raising 1 million dollars. They will also be informed of the creative process behind the dishes that will be displayed at the benefit dinner. There will also be a Twitter/Instagram/Pintrest hashtag to follow called #Meals4Promises. 
  • Phase 2: Each restaurant is challenged to create 5 dishes within one month that are inspired by countries that benefit from PoP. Their process will be represented in a weekly blog posts as well as a web series. At week two of this challenge, members of the CIA along with the restauranteurs will invite influential bloggers and tastemakers from the area for a tasting to blog about and critique the new options. The restaurants will use the suggestions to make changes to their dishes, while still keeping contact with the bloggers. If there are multiple restaurants within a city the dinners will be held on different days. This will be an integral part of the web series. 
  • Phase 3: The last day of the month there will be a benefit dinner at the restaurants with higher price plates. The restaurants will partner with CIA to sell tickets to the dinners to patrons who are willing to shell out over $300 a plate to benefit PoP. The bloggers and influencers will be commissioned to curate the entertainment while blogging about the event. This will also be included in the web series. 
  • Phase 4: At this point, throughout the nation 1 million dollars should have been raised, however within six months the restaurants will continue to keep the dishes on their menus. Patrons will be informed that if they order the new dish proceeds of their bill will go to PoP

Udated 3/6/2013


The main goal of Pencils of Promise is to make sure children in remote parts of the world have access to an education. This promise of an education is symbolized through a pencil, hence the name. In this project I will target two demographics; 18-34 year olds, and Baby Boomers

My thought process involved acknowledging the culture of three different countries  (Guatemala, Laos, Ghana) and finding ways to relate certain cultural cues to the western world. I am also interested in the brand of PoP, with that in mind I will do my best to not associate the brand with anything that might take it off course. 

Here we go...

Research on PoP

  • They love to partner with innovative companies.
  • They are interested in improving the overall quality of life for the individuals within each village.
  • They empower the locals by involving them in the process of revitalization. 
  • They are able to monitor the sustainable educational growth in their students. 

Cultural Research

There was in depth research on the religion, customs, history, food, art, architecture of  Guatemala, Ghana, and Laos, standards of beauty. 

Target Demographic Research

Baby Boomers

  • Majority of TV ads target 18-49 demographic, however only a small percentage targets baby boomers.
  • Baby boombers spend more time and money online than any other generation
  • Boomers feel 5-9 years younger.
  • Boomers hold more purchasing power than the youth.
  • Boomers spend more time and money than the average on:
    • Collectables
    • Gourmet Food
    • Auctions
    • Hotels
    • Airline Tickets
  • Boomers are do a better job than their younger counter parts at looking for deals.
  • Boomers are into beauty and health for the sake of looking feeling and being younger. 


  • This group can tend to be very frugal due to the high amount of low level salaries.
    • This  means companies have to create value by connecting to the core values of this group
  • This group responds to an integrated marketing, ie a mix of Social, Digital, Direct, and Event Marketing
  • Far more diverse in terms of ethnicity and beliefs than the Boomers 

Bonus Research

25 Ideas... or 18

 Fashion/Beauty/Art Related

  1. Partner with Ozwald Boateng (UK fashion designer of Ghanaian decent) to create a line of suits available exclusively on Kick off the line with a Pop Up Shop and fashion show in major markets across the US and UK. 
  2. Utilize the current partnership with Dolce & Gabana to create a line of street wear for H&M. The designs will be influenced by artwork submitted by current PoP students. 
  3. Develop a line of sneakers with Bucketfeet. The artwork submissions will be spearheaded by the PoP staffers in each country. 
  4. Create a pop up shop mobile marketing tour stopping at major and mid market locations all over the US and Canada. Products will include the many partnerships PoP already has as well as art and labels from local designers/artist that are willing to donate to help PoP reach its goal of $1Million. The tour will be called "1 Million Promises Tour". 
  5. Partner with Somali super model Iman to release a line of cosmetics that opens up PoP to Somalia. (Because of her age and the fact that she is married to David Bowie she could be used as a bridge to a connection with Baby Boomers) 
  6. Partner with renowned street artist around the world to recreate sights and sounds from the countries that are benefitted PoP. The artist will then recreate canvas and print version of their installation for auction on the Made with Pencils site. 
  7. Partner with select Restoration Hardware stores to create in store pop ups shops that include textiles and furniture that includes fabrics from countries who work with PoP. 
  8. Work with communities in Ghana to find clay sources that can be used in beauty products. Work with Guatemalan communities to find cooled down volcanic ash sources to be used in beauty products. Develop and produce products with the communities in each country to bring to market via Birchbox.  (Some of these items might be marketed to Baby Boomers as a way to look younger) 

Food Related

  1. Partner with CPG Companies to produce products that draw from the flavors of countries that PoP services. Create a mobile app that allows users to share ways they utilize these products to create their own concoctions. The recipe that gets to most likes will be invited to a celebrity chef session with an undecided celebrity chef. 
  2. 30 day challenges at restaurants across America to create dishes that relate to the food cultures that PoP works with. Challenge each restaurant that contributes to help in raising 1  million dollars in the following 5 months. 
  3. Partner with Starbucks to sell fair trade coffee from Guatemalan beans. Release the special blend for free on September 15th (Guatemala's Independence Day) at 2:50 pm. Sell the special brew for $2.50. Every 10th order will receive a Pencil from Farber & Castle symbolizing the education of one child. 
  4. Partner with a large candy maker to create a Mayan Chocolate flavor lasting only 6 months with the last day being September 15th (Guatemalan Independence day) 

Sports and Entertainment 

  1. Partner with Ticketmaster to create an optional donation to PoP during the checkout process of tickets. 
  2. Work with Major Lazer/Diplo to create a compilation mixed with sounds from Guatemala, Laos, Ghana.  
  3. Use $100,000 to establish a grassroots movement in community soccer leagues across the country. Create competitions for teams raising the most money. The top team within each league will be rewarded with box seats to their closest MLS team.   

Other Ideas

  1. PoP can partner with Architecture firms and Architecture schools across the country to create a school design contest. The firms will choose the top 20 schools/designs to be built (at a $500,000 cost) the firms will then donate another $500,000 to PoP to use. 
  2. Partner with Lululemon to host a “Pose for Pencils” campaign. This will empower Lululemon to host Yoga sessions at local yoga studios across the country. A percentage of the proceeds will go to PoP. The idea of yoga stems from the Buddist culture in Laos. 
  3. Auction off Eco-Tourisim trips to countries benefiting from PoP. 


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