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Street Art, San Francisco

In walking around San Francisco looking for street art, I came across a large wall covered in grafitti and other artwork. I found this piece particularly striking -- note the running paint and the door behind the face. This is my original capture with the native camera on an iPhone 5S.

I found myself leaning toward a rectangular crop for this image, but decided to make a go of it as an Instagram square anyway. I cropped it in Snapseed and made adjustments to structure. I then made the image black and white and adjusted the contrast. Finally I applied a vintage filter to warm this minochrome look.

Fot the next version, I began in VSCO Cam doing the crop and some exposure adjustments. I also brought down the saturation and added a tint to the shadows only. From there, I saved it and opened it again in Snapseed. I used selective adjust to bring down the saturation on the glasses only. My final step was to darken the edges by applying a vignette. The image is still colorful but much more muted than the original capture. 

For my final edit, I used PicLab HD. After cropping, I adjusted the saturation and exposure slightly. I also added a "mood" called Autumn Sky giving the image some texture and a varied color filter effect. I really liked the forhead on this one, so I decided to try an alternate crop.  

This is the same image -- just a tighter crop to emphasize the forhead and eyes. 


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