Strawberry soup blog post

Strawberry soup blog post - image 1 - student projectHey, thank you so much for this class! Even though I already knew some of the things you're talking about in this class, it is great to have them all in one place and think about it again and again. :) 


I've had my food blog for more than a year now. I started it because I really enjoy cooking and baking and I wanted to have all my favourite recipes in one place, and also share them. I am still struggling with photography mostly. I use my phone (android) and some free apps at the moment (snapseed, lightroom) but I hope in time I will have a better and more professional camera. Also, my blog is in Croatian so you probably won't understand what's written in the post :D, but you might wanna comment on photos, styling of the post and so on. I've added some of the things you mentioned in your class, such as prep time, yield etc., which I didn't have in my previous posts. Since I still have a free Wordpress version, you will see this is the only way to do it because it doesn't have a specific option inside the theme. 


Anyway, I hope you'll find a few minutes to take a look at my blog and this newest post. Any advice will be very appreciated! :) Thank you so much in advance! 


Here is the link to my post: