Strawberry pattern - trial

Strawberry pattern - trial - student project

Please bear with me.. I have absolutely no skills with graphic design and I'm using :)

Strawberry pattern - trial - image 1 - student project

I scketched some strawberries with ink and watercolor, then used the software to create a pattern and change the color of some berries to make it more colorful.

I think I over edited the original picture of the strawberries, 'cause the red ones don't look like they were painted with watercolor. They lost some of the details.

This is a picture of the original, from my sketchbook. I admit it that the quality is quite bad. I'll try using a scanner next time and probably look for a class on how to improve the quality of pictures and scans =P

Strawberry pattern - trial - image 2 - student project

Once again, thanks for the class and the daily inspiration on Instagram!


Karina Sayo
engineer, craftsy and artist