Strawberry Fields

I had been curious about calligraphy for a while until I saw this class and decided to finally start working on it. I love typography and illustration so I tried to do lettering imitating scripts but now I see how amazing it is to know how to use a nib and to learn the shapes of each letter. 

For this project I chose the title of a beautiful song from The Beatles, Strwaberry Fields Forever.

First, I practiced writing several times each letter I was going to need. Then I wrote each word many, many, many times. I marked with a circle the letters and words I liked so I could imitate them later. Finally, I tried to look for a way to bring the three words together. In this stage I had to change the shape of some letters like the cap S or the f so that they could fit and look good.

After I finished my final sketch I decided to use it for a postcard. Last summer I went with my boyfriend to Canada and we spent an amazing time enjoying the natural landscapes. I choose the song Strawberry Fields Forever because it is a nostalgic song about John Lennon's childhood. This is a way for me to remember our trip.


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