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Aafke Mertens

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Strawberry Cake

Hello everyone! 

Well I decided to strat by doodling food around me or thing I like to eat, but even though I actually rpefer savoury food, I decided to go with something sweet so I could use this class as much as possible. 

The character I'm going to use is the one shown here below. A strawberry mini cake (no idea of the official name) I like the color contrast and the possibility of playing with seeds as well as the cake texture. And he's not the happiest in the bunch ;) 


Quick update: 

Love Affinity! Really exciting to have found out about this programme! I've been following the tutorial, sadly I'm going home for Christmas and promised not to take the computer with me.. but here's a WIP! Any ideas, tips etc for the seed would be awesome! Just started with the whipped cream on top and the strawberry. 



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