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Stranger Comes To Town

A stranger comes to town 

A stranger comes to town and now there is a dead baby on the market square. We saw her, the stranger pumping her chest in and out as something inside of her screamed and shouted something real grotesque. Stranger was rocking backwards and forward in her long cotton dark blue dress. Backwards and forwards; pumping in and out her belly of pregnancy. Her neck stretched something vicious as her eyes oogled about her face. Stranger’s expression was rotten with despair while her wavy red curly hair shook violently from efforts to breath. 

It was coming out of her alright. That thing that caused this scene that gave everyone in sight a fright. The stranger came to town and gave birth from her mouth. 

I said it.

She birthed a baby up from her stomach and out through her mouth. I was standing next to the priest and Mr.Lowe, our town baker, when I shouted, “Look at the stranger in town. She’s giving birth from her mouth! It’s screaming. And shouting. Its birthing out of her mouth”. They slapped due to doubt but I saw what we saw and that stranger was giving birth to a baby out her mouth.

Everything but the sound of the wind was frozen. I couldn’t help but listen to the babies cry and her gurgling spit while we watched the stranger from out of town do something brand new.

On her knees now the beaten-black of her feet showed how far she traveled over the mountains to reach us in the valley. Her contractions were hieves and her knees banged on the red cement aiding her agony. 

Stranger was Looking up at the crowd in my direction. We could see the head of the baby crushing her jaws and pushing her teeth out. I’ll never forget her painful oogling gaze. The stranger waved her palms at us in fear; reaching for someone to help her. Her skin was white, her breathing was a scream. 

The stranger came to town and disrupted our scene with a dead baby on the grown left to die and gleam. 

The teeth the baby propelled out were scattered on the ground in front her. We saw her hands grab for the peeking babies head. Her gangly fingernails scraped its smooth head to try and grip it but drew baby blood instead. It was almost out.

We watched in silence as the noon sun highlighted her every move. By standers covered their mouths a because stranger is a mother monster. She hieved loud and spit flew at the crowd. That baby was alive and screaming and a shoulder was coming out now. Pulling at its neck with her left hand and punching her stomach with the right; the mother and child were lathered in blood. Together they pumped and hieved and broke shoulders and teeth. She screamed loud and with one final push flung the baby from her mouth. She was That Stranger that came to town and birthed a baby and it is gleaming on the red market cement. 


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