Strange pool (nest ?)

Jun, 2, 2014

Hi !

(I'm french, and I'm not very confident with my English, I hope it will be ok)

That's my first attempt at landscapes painting, i'm more a sketcher guy :)

I watched the first video two week ago, but i didn't had any idea or reference about what i want to paint. And then, i found this image :

I was absolutely in love with this way of create pools. After few search, i found that's called "Tufière" in french. And i wanted to use them for this course.

I did some research to find others references and i followed the walkthrough proposed by Jonas.

I did some thumbnails sketching, but i'm feel bad because I don't have the level to be as clear as Jonas with two or three brushstrokes ^^. So I worked on many thumbnails at the same time, trying to not focus on details. 

Here are the thumbnails. I find them too contrasted, ans too detailled, but that's a first try. I'll try to simplify more when i'll focus on one of them.

Any comments, suggestions on this ? A thumbnails you like in particular ? Let me know !

Aug, 21, 2014

Oww, after this break, i'm back on this project again !

As I said before, the first thumbnails were too contrasted, and I didn't like them anymore. So I've decided to take another try on thumbnails to see what I could do this time. I kept the same subject, but I tried another kind of landscapes this time. 

Here is the thumbnails 2.0 :D

I find the right column more appealing, but I would love to see the bottom left image mixed with the second on the right. I'll probably go for this mix, but I'm still open for your reviews/critics/suggestions, and anyway, doing 2 or more landscapes isn't a bad deal ^^


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