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Chris Seney

Artist/Graphic Designer



Strange World

This picture below is a couple different images. A mixture of a beach shot from when I lived in Florida to a cold morning lake in the midwest. Although that is a sunset photo with the cool colors on the lake, it reminds me of a sunrise.

A couple images that I have been playing with. I like to make things like I want the world to be, weird and different. 

The first is a couple of photos that I put together using a sky with chemtrails. The second is the one photo with an added digital illustration of a skull in the middle that I did the other day.  

I like my images to be very contrasty with high color saturation.

This next one was done partly on my iPhone 5 and partly in Photoshop. I thought it would be a place where you mind find the Jokers hideout. Its a power plant near Sarasota, Florida. Most people go there to see the mantaees in the winter. 

This is from a picture I took visting New Orleans this Summer. Its a few different images blended together. The statue (Andrew Jackson) is actually directly behind where I took the picture of the St. Louis Cathedral. I placed it in there to make it seem like it is actually right there. Pretty fun. Great place to visit. 


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